"Howdy guys, Dennis here from Australia, I have
just finished restoring a 1982 nighthawk and you
guys supplied the decals and as you can see they
look awesome, thanks very much."

kind regards Dennis
D.T. from VA had us make a set of Ultra
metallic Silver Hayabusa emblems with a
Chrome outline for his Busa
W.D. from Texas and had us do a custom
Chrome Mirror set for his Busa.
We recently repainted one of our motorcycles and did some graphics work to it.
Jeff from Extreme Cycles and Performance
wanted something mean looking  to go on his
NOS charged Hayabusa
The GSX-R is Ultra Metallic Silver
and Ultra Metallic Gold on Black
S.E. from Texas asked us to help out with his
GP Replica
A customer in Canada wanted  a set of graphics
to make his pocket bike resemble a Hayabusa