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Willis Drag Racing
Willis Racing is now selling Chrome wheels and other miscellaneous parts.
Charles is providing a new service in the Chrome industry...on the spot wheel
installation with the purchase of chrome wheels from Willis Racing LLC. Charles
has the ability to change your wheels on the spot, at your house, at the race track,
in a parking lot, you name it. He will have with him at all times all machinery
necessary to switch out your old stock wheels with some new shinny chrome
wheels. Check out our chrome products in the Products section. Give Charles a
call today @ 314-956-5465, he'll hook you up!
The Mission of XXL Sport Bike Club is to promote sport riding at the road race enthusiast
level. We do things big, and our focus on track riding allows our members to become safe,
fast, technical and intelligent sport riders.

XXL M/C has six principles of riding, which all members must strive to maintain. They are
as follows: Respect Your Abilities! Respect The Club! Respect All Riders - Fear None!
Respect Your Bike! Respect The Track! Respect The Law!